Does A Vegan Diet Help To Reduce Anxiety?

Manage Anxiety
Manage Anxiety
Manage Anxiety
Manage Anxiety

As per various statistics, many millions of people around the globe are suffering from different kinds of anxiety disorders. We all feel anxious sometimes and it does not lead to a mental health disorder. However, if you are regularly feeling disproportionate levels of anxiety, it can grow into a mental health disorder.

In the United States alone, around 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders and almost half of them are not seeking proper treatment. The treatment of anxiety is usually done with a combination of medication, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy. Recent studies are showing that a certain lifestyle and diet changes can also help to manage anxiety.

Can Veganism Help In Reducing Anxiety?

There are many studies going on to find the effects of vegan diets on managing anxiety. Most of these studies are promising and showing that following a vegan diet will help in reducing the stress and anxiety levels.

A recent survey conducted on 800 participants that follows all kinds of diets also showed promising results. During the survey, the participants were asked questions about their dietary choices, lifestyle activities, levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, and demographics. The results of the survey showed that those who followed a vegan diet have lower levels of anxiety than vegetarians and omnivores.

Plant-Based Foods That Can Alleviate Anxiety


Almonds are rich in several essential minerals, including magnesium that helps in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. Studies have found that magnesium also helps in improving your sleep quality, which plays a significant role in your stress and anxiety relief.


Apart from being very tasty, cashews have many nutrients that help in improving your mental and physical health. It is a great source of zinc, a mineral that is proven to have several anti-anxiety effects. You can add cashews to your salads for consuming daily.


Blueberries are a delicious addition to your vegan diet and it contains a high amount of vitamin C, which can protect and repair our cells. This is very important for us when we experience stress and anxiety. Low levels of antioxidants are linked to anxiety. Fortunately, blueberries are a good source of antioxidants that can help in easing anxiety.


Asparagus is loaded with healthy nutrients, including folate. This particular nutrient is very essential for improving your mood and can support your brain.