Meditating Your Way Out Of Anxiety

Control Anxiety
Control Anxiety
Control Anxiety
Control Anxiety

Anxiety can happen to anyone – some more than others. However, whatever the form, it is mostly detrimental. It triggers self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy in the mind, and this seed grows to a point where it consumes the being with depression and hopelessness. For many, anxiety gets the better of them; they may find themselves frozen in a spot and unable to act due to the sheer fear of ‘what all could go wrong’. This often prevents most suffering from severe anxiety, to enjoy and seek out new and exciting experiences. However, there are ways in which you can control anxiety and give yourself much-needed anxiety relief.  One such way is to meditate! Let us begin by understanding meditation itself.

The Art Of Meditation

The process involves nothing more than to dwell into a sanctuary in your mind – a sanctuary of peace and controlled calmness. It is in this state that you are least emotionally vulnerable and have the steeliest resolve of emotional well-being. You are centered and nothing shakes you off. Rather than going on about how to meditate, we will help you get started. Read on…

Pinpoint Attention

Focusing yourself is the first key to meditating well. Focusing helps you cancel out the noise and background – in other words, the stress and worry. You can make it easier to focus, by chanting mantras or looking at a particular object or even your breathing. It is in essence, disconnecting yourself from the world and looking deep into what lies within you.

Breathing Is Relaxed 

A calm and composed rate of breathing is the favored technique for most that practice meditation. Deeply breathing in, to expand the lungs and take in more oxygen is what needs to be followed. Avoid moving your shoulders, neck, and your upper chest to make breathing simple, effortless, and relaxed.

A Silent Space

You must first start in places that have no distraction. Your phone should be away, your television switched off, and the nearby honking of the cars on the street below muffled out. Once you start to get a hang of it, you can progress to louder and distraction-filled scenes like rush-hour traffic. When you reach this point, you know you are on the right path for truly mastering meditation and one’s senses.

Get Yourself Comfy

Make sure to have a proper body posture to avoid unnecessary pain. You needn’t stick to sitting up straight; you can even meditate while lying down and looking at the sky or the fan rotating over your head.